VIDEO: The Shadow Banker


Kiev, Ukraine. July 25, 2016, half past eight in the evening. Veaceslav Platon, a controversial Moldovan businessman, is forced down to the ground and handcuffed by Ukrainian police. The arrest takes place only nine hours after the head of the Anticorruption Prosecution Office in Chisinau had announced that Mr. Platon was in international manhunt for participation in the one-billion-dollar fraud – the biggest financial crime in Moldova’s history.

VIOREL MORARI, head of the Anticorruption Prosecution Office: A 30-day arrest warrant on his name has been issued.

During his arrest, Mr. Platon had in possession a Ukrainian passport that identified him as Vyacheslav Kobalev. Kobalev is the family name of his former spouse. He said he has been a Ukrainian national for 23 years and that he changed his name in 2002.

Veaceslav Platon: Yes, an ordinary person may wonder why my Moldovan passport identifies me under one family name, and in my Ukrainian passport, I have another name. I am a law professional and be assured that this isn’t illegal.

The status of Ukrainian citizen gave Mr. Platon peace and prevented his extradition. The neighboring country’s constitution forbids the extradition of Ukrainian citizens. However, shortly after his arrest, the Ukrainian security service announced that Platon’s passport was forged. Therefore, on August 29, 2016 – one month after the apprehension operation – the controversial businessman of Moldovan roots was turned over to the authorities in Chisinau.

Please go away. All the money was stolen by Plahotniuc!

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